Sunday, March 29, 2009

Some things I love - Life can be so much fun!

Ok, I have to say, it does not take much to make me happy. I found a couple of things that make me smile, and I have to mention them. The first thing is this absolutely gorgeous painting by Carrie Goller on my OAOE Team. All I can say is WOW!!! When I win the lottery, this painting is MINE! :-) Just look at the detail, the colors, the richness, the reflection in the paint....oh, I could go on and on.... Take a look - and yes, it is Kiwis............what can I say? :-) Got to love those Kiwis! Here is a link to her Etsy store, if you would like to see more of her wonderful work.

While posting about Carrie, I have to tell you - you must go to our OAOE Team blog and look at all of these wonderful artist. They are simply amazing! They impress me so much, and I am inspired by looking at all of their wonderful works of art. Please take the time to take a look and leave some comments. The team blog is Have a look at our Original Artists on Etsy Store while you are at it. You won't be disappointed. Here is the store link:

The second thing I have to mention is my own work of art. Yes, I have to brag, but not because I did it, but because it was so much fun to do. I painted this little glass for one of my favorite shops Funky Monkey. I just love her shop, and her shop banner. Lucky me, she asked me to paint her special Funky Monkey glass. This is how it turned out, and I was very impressed. Thank you so much Funky Monkey for giving me such a fun sale! Here is the link to Funky Monkey's shop:

Last of all, I have to mention my dear friend Claudia from Cloud Nine Creations again. She has turned out another favorite for me. I just love her rings and her blog! Here is a picture of her latest ring, and the links to both her store and her blog. Have fun looking at all of her rings. Now, I have to tell you, I own at least 6 of her rings now!!! Wow! I am addicted to her work! Way to go Claudia!
Her blog: And Claudia's store:

Thanks for taking the time to look at a few of my favorite things. I have had such a good weekend with friends and family. I hope we all have a good week ahead of us as us Gwinnett County people prepare for Spring Break! wahoo! I plan to get lots of things painted, memorize my lines for the play coming up, prepare for my daughter's recital, and REST before the CRCT when we return to school.

Take care, and hugs to all my friends!


  1. Awe - thanks Rhino :-) I am glad you looked. Don't you just love that Kiwi painting? I wish I had done it - ha ha. It is amazing!


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