Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Additions coming to my Etsy Store - Sneak Peak

I have been painting like crazy trying to get some really cool wood bracelets painted and delivered to Image Spa. They are going to carry my bracelets and wine glasses with their logo on them for the customers. I am painting bracelets for my Etsy store too. Keep checking, and I will have them posted soon. I am really excited about the addition to my store. For one, I think I am going to tap into a more affordable price range for those of us that want a little piece of handmade art, but can't spend a ton of money on it. Second, I am creating a more Eco friendly art piece and having fun with it. I decided to use natural wood bracelets, and process the entire design, paint and seal myself. Then I am going to top off my Eco bracelets with a natural handmade wildflower seed tag. I got these tags from a wonderful artist on Etsy who makes her own paper - I will post more about this later. But when you receive the bracelet or buy them from one of the local places I have my work, you will also get this precious tag that contains plantable wildflowers. You can wear the art, and give back to nature at the same time. I think they are going to be so cute! I hope you love them as much as I do. So, stay tuned! :-) I am attaching 3 pictures. One of them, is my last painting, second one is one of my artsy fartsy daughters. She loves to take mood pictures in my studio, with just the right light and in from of my art. I think she is so cute, so I had to show her off. Third, my work in progress so you can take a sneak peak.

Tomorrow, I am will post a link to a local blogger that has done a front page feature on myself, and is featuring Georgia Women and their craft. Stay tuned! :-0

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  1. Yea, Beth!! The dancers are sooo awesome!! It really came together well. Awesome!


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