Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Joy" The Millionaire's wife!

I must tell you about the most wonderful artist on Etsy! She is fast, hard working, has a full time job in Admin just like me, and still has time to create some of the best jewelry ever! I have bought's just say SEVERAL of her rings already. I call them my "play" rings! I wear them to work with my nice dress up, office attire to add a little piece of flair. It is my piece of "me". Those that know me, know I have to show a little. hee hee!

Anyway, I recently got the part as "Joy" in a Murder Mystery Dinner Theater. My character is described below......

Joy – Joe’s second wife who is half his age; very superficial; spends Joe’s money on clothes and jewelry; not visibly in love with Joe; has frequent migraines.

This is the invitation to Joe's B-day party (The Dinner Theater)

Joy (Beth Peters) Millionaire, cordially invites you to attend the surprise birthday party of the century for the dear husband, Joe. but when the surprise party runs afoul and a key family member dies, everyone becomes a suspect in the thrilling "who-dun-it" mystery! Buffet-style dinner will be served.

I contacted my very reliable artist friend Claudia from Cloud Nine Creations, because I knew if anyone could help make my character come alive, it was her!

Here is the description I gave her of my character Joy..... I was a little more open about her - LOL!!

My character is "Joy", Joe the Millionaire's wife. I overdo "RICH". I am half his age, and a gold digger! My dress is fuchsia pink with a pink leopard print neck scarf and a gold clip. My shoes, OMG, my shoes - they are soooooooo cute! Fuchsia Pink Spectator Pumps from Target with a little Gold button at the toe. You should go look at them on-line, they are so cute! I got some little gold rhinestone clips for my hair, and some VERY "Joy" pinks and golds for makeup. It will be very over done. Lots of sparkles. I am "new money" if you know what I mean. It is going to be so much fun!!! Anyway - the play is April 10th. So, I need it pretty fast. This is audience participation dinner theater, so I am in the audience talking to guest, sitting with them, dropping hints on the murder etc...... So, I will be up close and personal with everyone. There is no real stage. So, people will see my hands and stuff when I eat. So, it has to be good! Ha! No pressure! :-) Can you do it?
The shoes:

So in a flash, this is what Claudia sent me!

"Just letting you know that I finished your pink and gold button ring! I wasn't able to find any gold colored rhinestones, but had some gold buttons. I'm sending you some pictures of what I came up with. Let me know if you'd like to change anything on them, colors or design. I thought it turned out as you described.. flashy, spoiled rotten, sparkly, pink (and the "hot" pink button is the lust part). LOL"

Is this hot or what?? It is perfect! I could have kissed her all over! Cheek to Cheek - "Joy" style of course! ha!

So, if you are into funky, fun, or even sweet and preppy jewelery - You MUST check out Claudia's store on Etsy. She has very affordable prices so everyone can afford to have a little fun! Oh, and when she ships her cute little package, she puts it in this cute little ring box that makes it even more happy! It is like Christmas when you get your package in the mail! Just what a girl wants! :-)

Have fun - and Hugs and Kisses to my "daaaaarling Claudia"! (saying this as I whisk my scarf around my neck in "Joy" fashion!)

Beth - Artist
Kiwi Arts

Ps. If you live in the area, here is some more information on the Dinner Theater - IMPORTANT! Get tickets fast! One night only, and they are selling out. Gwinnett County residents $25 a ticket, non-Gwinnett $45 a ticket.

Need something to do over Spring Break?

Gwinnttcoutny parks & recreation
Mystery Dinner Theater
Friday, April 10th
7:00-9:30 pm
Age 12 - up
George Pierce Park
Community Recreation Center
55 Buford Highway, Suwanee
Register now!! Tickets are selling out FAST - One night only!
Call 770-831-4173 or visit
Code: GPCC14103


  1. You are welcome, my darling!! You are too sweet to say all that about me.

    I loved working on this for your murder dinner theatre. Now, go knock em dead (pun intended)!!

    Love ya!

  2. Thanks Jolene!!! I will try :-)

  3. Oh I just love Claudia! And the ring is just perfect! She can do ANYTHING!

    Glad I found your blog! Through Claudia's, of course!

    Jennifer @ Random Ramblings

  4. Awe, you are so sweet! Thank you Jennifer! Claudia is wonderful, you are so right!! :-) I just love the incredible talent Etsy turns out. It is so neat to get to know everyone too! :-)
    Thanks for reading.


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