Thursday, January 22, 2009

How in the world do I make $ at this? Help!!!!

Ok, so - the studio is in place - I LOVE IT. I am inspired to work longer and harder now. Funky Monkey Girls - you should so set up that second bedroom! You will love having the place to create. It gives you new energy! :-)

But here is the problem..........How in the world do you make money at this? I have several places intersted in showing my painted glass, bracelets etc.... But they said I had my prices too high. If I sell to them on consignment for the price I want out of it, they can't mark it up high enough to make money themselves. They basically said people will not buy my items unless I come down to the market price.

So after researching the going rate for items like mine, I find they are right. This is not just one person, but several people that have told me this. So, I agreed to lower my prices. I have gone back to Etsy, Artfire, and my website, and set everything lower.

My question is - HOW do I make $$$? For example. I have just painted some really cool bangle bracelets (they are not posted yet). They are going to a show with some people this weekend. They don't think I can mark them any higher than $6 a bracelet if that much..... Well, I bought them for a $1 each. I have spend all week after work painting them.......Have no idea how many hours. If they sell any - I would have only made $5 off of each bracelet, but when you let others sell your stuff, you have to give at least 40% to them. I guess this is called selling on consignment. So, I am going to make a buck or two off these bracelets..........My wine glasses have the same problem. I have them marked at $17 - $19 each. According to the market, that might be too high as well. The glass cost $2 each, and then I put hours in my painting. I have to give a percentage to the owner or whoever lets me sell in their store. Am I making any money?? One suggestion was to not make my paintings so detailed, or elaborate. Then I can lower my prices. But that is the problem! I don't want to sacrifice Art for money....! It is not my style. I feel cheap.

So, any advice? Anyone know how I can get a Tax ID so I can buy items in bulk, wholesale. Anyone know how I can make a little money? How do I get people to buy? I LOVE painting!


Thanks for helping me.

Beth - Kiwi Arts

Monday, January 19, 2009

The new art studio make-over is done! Time to work!

Yea, I am done! I can't believe it! I never realized how much there was to clean out and move around. The new art furniture is in, and supplies have been organized. Now, I know I will be more productive, and have a renewed energy as well. It feels so good to work in a clean and organized room. I have attached pictures of the finished room too.
So, this week - I must prepare for two shows and get some inventory together to sell on consignment. I want to paint some bracelets too. My daughters have asked for them, I think it will be pretty easy. Cross your fingers they sell well. I am so excited! My mind is full of so many ideas! They are endless!
I put several art pieces and painted glass in a local performing arts theater about 20 minutes from me this week. They were so excited, and so was I! I hung 4 different paintings, and scattered painted stemware all over the place. It added some color to the theater, and made it possible for me to sell my work. It was a good deal for both of us.

I am going to try and sleep. I need to prepare for the busy week ahead, but I am so pumped I don't know if I can. Well, I will try anyway..........
Thanks as always - for the support you give.
Beth - Kiwi Arts

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Before pictures of the "new" art studio!

Ok, so the studio renovation is going very slowly. Had 3 glass orders to fill this week, and of course I had work during the day. I came home from work everyday this week, played taxi mom to kids and activities, then I started to paint in my kitchen as usual. I stayed up 4 nights in a row until 4:30 am, at least! It caught up to me today. I was wiped at work! So, now that all the glass orders have been given to customers, I voted on a nap after work! It was needed. :-)

Hopefully all the art items/furniture I ordered will be in this weekend. I will post pictures if and when I get it done this week. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to getting this done. My back is killing me trying to paint at my kitchen table. It is going to be so much fun when I finally get in there.

Updates on my weekend coming up - I got a call from a local performing arts theater with an empty lobby. She saw my website and invited me to hang and sell my paintings in the lobby! Yea! Go me! I am so excited! :-) She is not even taking a cut of my sells. What is the catch you ask? Who knows? I guess she only wanted art work to hang in her lobby and I lucked out. There is a big concert on Saturday night, so I will have them hung in time. I am going to bring a little table and set up some of my stemware too. The theatre is Red Clay Theater out of Duluth GA. Wish me luck! :-) I am still new at so much of this, I am not sure what to even expect out of it.

Ok, after all the exciting art events this weekend, I am going Saturday night to spend the night again in an old empty Antebellum Plantation in Marietta GA to do a follow up Paranormal Investigation! We got some really cool EVPs the last time we were there, and some great evidence to show there is some activity in the old home. It once served as a Civil War hospital and was one of the last plantations left in Atlanta not burned down. It has a wonderful vibe! So, if we don't turn into human ice cubes spending the night in 15 degree weather, in a haunted home with no power or heat, I will let you know how it turned out. My GOG website is if you are interested in paranormal investigations.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend! BTW - go Dynamic Edition! Way to rock the clogging world on America's Best Dance Crew tonight! You were hot!


Saturday, January 10, 2009

The journey

Ok, so I have noticed this is going to be a long road, journey, or whatever you want to call it. Just when you get a burst of confidence, you realize you only took a baby step.

So, I have decided to create a new space for creating my art. I thought it might give some fresh light and energy. I am so excited! My husband decided he wanted to move his office to the basement, and clean up the office upstairs. Then I decided I wanted to clean out our sunroom and make it my art studio. I put some stuff from the sunroom in the old office upstairs. We also did some winter cleaning and are having several large items from the three rooms taken away. It is amazing how much better we can create and work with some clutter taken out of our lives.

With all of this said and done, I will begin the process of growing. I think I will be in a much better place to nurture my talents and struggles. It will allow me to be a better artist by having the room to stretch and think. I will post pictures of the progress soon. Right now the sunroom is almost empty and I am waiting for the art/craft table, new art chair, daylight lamp, and rolling organizer/bins to come in. I can't wait to get it all put together! I think the kids will enjoy seeing me in there as well. It will give them more space to hang out with me too.

So, I will post the progress, and I can't thank some of you enough for the inspiration as I look at your blogs and shops. This is so much fun!


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