Thursday, January 15, 2009

Before pictures of the "new" art studio!

Ok, so the studio renovation is going very slowly. Had 3 glass orders to fill this week, and of course I had work during the day. I came home from work everyday this week, played taxi mom to kids and activities, then I started to paint in my kitchen as usual. I stayed up 4 nights in a row until 4:30 am, at least! It caught up to me today. I was wiped at work! So, now that all the glass orders have been given to customers, I voted on a nap after work! It was needed. :-)

Hopefully all the art items/furniture I ordered will be in this weekend. I will post pictures if and when I get it done this week. You have no idea how much I am looking forward to getting this done. My back is killing me trying to paint at my kitchen table. It is going to be so much fun when I finally get in there.

Updates on my weekend coming up - I got a call from a local performing arts theater with an empty lobby. She saw my website and invited me to hang and sell my paintings in the lobby! Yea! Go me! I am so excited! :-) She is not even taking a cut of my sells. What is the catch you ask? Who knows? I guess she only wanted art work to hang in her lobby and I lucked out. There is a big concert on Saturday night, so I will have them hung in time. I am going to bring a little table and set up some of my stemware too. The theatre is Red Clay Theater out of Duluth GA. Wish me luck! :-) I am still new at so much of this, I am not sure what to even expect out of it.

Ok, after all the exciting art events this weekend, I am going Saturday night to spend the night again in an old empty Antebellum Plantation in Marietta GA to do a follow up Paranormal Investigation! We got some really cool EVPs the last time we were there, and some great evidence to show there is some activity in the old home. It once served as a Civil War hospital and was one of the last plantations left in Atlanta not burned down. It has a wonderful vibe! So, if we don't turn into human ice cubes spending the night in 15 degree weather, in a haunted home with no power or heat, I will let you know how it turned out. My GOG website is if you are interested in paranormal investigations.

Have a wonderful and blessed weekend! BTW - go Dynamic Edition! Way to rock the clogging world on America's Best Dance Crew tonight! You were hot!


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