Thursday, July 9, 2009

Better Pictures of the Montreat Martini Glasses and Bracelet!

Alright - I thought I would post some better pictures of my latest glasses and bangle bracelet I painted. The customer ordered it for a friend of hers that she went to "Montreat" with. My customer Rhonda from Peters Path wanted her friend to have a memory of their time together. Well, I was thinking..."Rhonda can not give her friend a memory gift and Rhonda not have anything", so I surprised her with a painted bracelet that Rhonda can wear. I hope she likes it, she said she loved it! Now the two friends can both remember "Montreat". I am not sure what I enjoy more, painting, art, or making people happy. Either way, there is not enough money in the world that is worth this feeling. Success!

Now, I am off to start a new order, and I am continuing to work on the set of "Three Sisters", with Ocean Troupe. Love the cast! Good times! :-) I posted some pictures in my last post.

Enjoy your last days of summer, it is coming to end faster than I can even imagine.
Beth- Kiwi Arts

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