Sunday, February 1, 2009

Painting all week. Learning to manage time.

Thank you for all the wonderful advice regarding my last post. I have learned alot from you, and I am going to put it in action. Also, I will be patient. :-)

I have spent some of the week painting and getting ready for a show my friend from Peters Path is doing in Savannah. She is taking some of my work with her. I am very honored and excited she is taking my art. Her clothing line is amazing!! They are branching out into other areas of art, and she picked me! :-)

I hope everyone is doing well and they are not frozen. At least if you are, keep creating in your boredom. There is no telling what you will come up with! LOL. We are supposed to get snow/ice on Tuesday. Maybe I will get a day off work so I can get more done in regards to painting.

I am posting a couple of new pictures. I made these glasses and bracelets for another show last week. The bangles are plastic, but I am going to move to natural wood. I don't care for the less eco friendly version of plastic. Take care, Beth

Ok, my computer is acting up................. I will post the pictures tomorrow


  1. Can't wait to see the pictures! And thanks for your comments... did you say you have 5 kiddos? I have 4 and it's tought, isn't it? Trying to manage a full time admin job, crafting AND family? We should start our own support group! LOL

  2. Yes, 5 kids! Yes, we should start our own support group! he he. I guess that is why we craft/paint! :-) I get in a world of my own when I am painting. My husband jokes that the house could fall down around me - I say "yes, it could - I will fix it later." LOL! I suppose my admin job is the only place I really try to be profesional, but when I get home, it all comes loose.

    Keep up your good works - You are really talented! You have a great eye!


  3. No kiddies for me! hooray:) I love those bangles, very, very nice! Oh, I am back at work and we monkey girls have been very, very busy & love the Tucson bead shows!!!

    Funky Monkey Girl,


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