Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dance Painting getting better - part -1 (forgot to show you first sketch!)

OK, so - the painting is getting better. Please leave me comments - Good, Bad, or Ugly! I learn so much from all of you, and your opinions are very valuable to me. I actually have fun with it! :-) It feeds me and helps me finish the painting. I hope to be done tomorrow night after work. So, three days working after work is not too bad I guess. I realistically probably only dedicated 2 hrs of working time a night on it, if you take out all the interruptions. I did not get to start on the painting tonight until after playing mom taxi for most of the night - and then the President's speech. I probably could have done without the speech, but I felt like I needed to listen so if I need to say something negative or positive to someone about it, I would know what I was talking about! LOL! I hate it when people speak up, but don't know what they are talking about. Don't you? Drives me crazy! My favorite line is......."I voted this way or that way because this was how I was raised, or this is what my parents do.". Or even better - "I did not vote because it is a waste of time, but whoever elected this President was crazy." Aghh!!! So, I guess I keep up with politics so I feel like I can make an educated opinion rather than talking from my rear end.

I almost forgot - I did not show you my first sketch that was approved by the buyer to start this painting. So, you can see where the painting started from. Now, If I can concur my fears of some areas of this painting, add the rest of the dancers, and finish fine details - I will be done! Hopefully my customer will be very happy! If she is not, you will see it on Etsy later - ha ha!! :-)

Hugs to all! Happy Wednesday! Already half way through the work week! Yea! Can you believe it? This weekend I am going to go see two different plays my dear friends are in with my paranormal investigation team as a group outing, then one of my daughter's orchestra concerts, and finally paint, paint, paint for the rest of the weekend! Sounds fun huh? I love weekends!!!



  1. Lovely painting, I am sure the customer will be very happy. Good work.

  2. love the colours and textures, a lovely start look forward to seeing finished work

  3. Wow~ it's going to be amazing! Love the sketch♥

  4. Oh! I can't wait to see the painting turn into the sketch! You're making great progress on it. I really like the texture you have created in their little capes (not sure what they are called).

  5. You have very good texture in your cloth. It's really interesting! I am liking the movement here.

    At first, I liked that are only 2 dancers in the painting, but just comparing to the sketch, I find the overall composition a little more appealing as there is some more background to the story with the 2 extra dancers. I like how balance the frame.

    But, even without them, it's very pretty!

  6. You are too hard on yourself, Beth. I think it is truly beautiful! You are so talented

  7. Cool, can't wait to see the rest! I am finally waking up from the Nyquil fuzzy brain!

    Funky Monkey Girl,

  8. Thank you so much for all the comments - you guys are wonderful! I am going to add more dancers now! :-)

  9. Beth - you are truly a talented artist! I absolutely love the colors and the textures, they are very rich. Great job!!

    Hugs ~ Claudia

  10. Thanks Claudia
    Also thanks for finding me on FB :-)
    Now, can you help me figure out this twitter thing? lol


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